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摘要:简单的英语自我介绍10篇   简单的英语自我介绍(一):   Hello, everyone。My name is Zhang Wenxin, fourteen years old this year。   大家好,我叫张温馨。今年14岁。   I'm studying in Xiamen PE and Sports School, a member of free bat team。   就读于厦门市体育运动学校,是散打队的一...




  Hello, everyone。My name is Zhang Wenxin, fourteen years old this year。


  I'm studying in Xiamen PE and Sports School, a member of free bat team。


  I am an active, bright, friendly and humorous girl。


  So happy to stand here and introduce myself to you。


  Next, I'd like to sing an English song。 Its name is

  接下来呢我要表演的才艺是一首英文歌 名字叫……


  Good morningafternoon:It is really my honor to have this opportunity for a interview。 I hope I can make a good performance today。My name is xx。 I am 20 years old,born in a little village in Southern Zhejiang。 My parents are farmers,and I am the only child。 Though not well-to-do,the family always be hopeful。 My major is engineering technology。 I will graduate in July,2011。 I have some hobbies like listening to music,swimming,and especially seeing western movies。In the passed two years,I have learned some practical skills and gained some major certificates。 I paid more attention to learn Engling,and I have passed CET4 in my efforts。 I am looking forward to being a member of your pany 。 Thankyou!


  Hello!Every one。


  My name is 。。。


  I'm a girl。


  I'm 10 years old。


  I'm in Class。。。。


  I like playing basketball。


  And I like cake,I think it is delicious。


  My favorite subject are Chinese,math and English。

  我最喜欢的.科目是 语文、数学和英语。

  I am very thin。I am a quiet girl。Do you like me?



  Hi, My name is Jay, I'm from the beautiful ancient city of Kaifeng。 As you can see, I am a very casual girl, and a lot of people here, like 18-year-old, I love a lot, I love guitar, love to sing love dancing, very fond of English, I am very love to watch "Prison Break", like the actor micheal clever wit I like making friends, and hope you will be able to and I have bee good friends, I think I will, and you get along with。Hello, everyone, please allow me to introduce myself with a minute let you know me, know me and accept me。

  I e from Shandong, ..., 20-year-old, my hometown Qilu earth gave me a straightforward character, and yet steady, and later the city of Nanjing travel long distances to school。As one saying goes: "Ten years out of sharpening sharp, sword-jun to knowledge only pending。" Zaikuzailei, I am willing to try, "eat life of hardship, Fang Wei Ren Exalted", in later school life, I will definitely be one to make their own efforts, but had a substantial significance of post-secondary life。 Student life in the future please give more concern, a simple self-introduction is pleted, thank you!


  After pleting my military service, I have been looking for a challenging goal for me to achieve。 And I found that the Intermediate of General English Proficiency Test fits my new achievement properly。I graduated from Taipei Commercial Junior College, majored in business administration。 Instead of spending much time in playing, I devoted myself to my studies and paid attention to all meaningful things happened in daily life。 By the way, I learned a lot from Mr。 Wang, the professor of my business class。 He is my good friend till now an often gives some appropriate suggestions toward my problem confusion。My father is, in the same way, a good consultant to me。

  As he said: I am in poor education, little for you; to clarify, what he have given is far beyond his words, I do think so。 I was born in a country of Ping Tung Country, farming is our career of generations。 There are four people in my family, Mother is housewife and my brother is a student of an Agriculture CollegeI am optimistic and active, and I am confident that I can pass the test。 Thank you for your precious to read my autobiography。


  Hello! It's my pleasure to e here and have a chance to introduce myself。 I will graduate from beijing unite teacher training university and live in beijing chaoyang district; my major is visual munication design。

  On college days, I studied some graphic artist design, package design, book design, website design and so on。 Here is my e-portfolio, please see it。 besides, a few e-works in my flash disk。 Please see it when you are convenient。

  Thank you very much!


  Good morning !It is really my honor to have this opportunity for a interview,I hope i can make a good performance today。 I'm confident that I can succeed。 Now i will introduce myself briefly。I am 26 years old,born in shandong province 。I was graduated from qingdao university。 my major is electronic。and i got my bachelor degree after my graduation in the year of 2003。I spend most of my time on study,i have passed CET46 。 and i have acquired basic knowledge of my major during my school time。In July 2003, I begin work for a small private pany as a technical support engineer in QingDao city。Because I'm capable of more responsibilities, so I decided to change my job。

  And in August 2004,I left QingDao to BeiJing and worked for a foreign enterprise as a automation software test engineer。Because I want to change my working environment, I'd like to find a job which is more challenging。 Morover Motorola is a global pany, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of pany ennvironment。 That is the reason why I e here to pete for this position。I think I'm a good team player and I'm a person of great honesty to others。 Also I am able to work under great pressure。That’s all。 Thank you for giving me the chance。


  I am very happy to introduce myself here。I was born in Liaoning Province。I graduated from Nankai University and majored in International Trade。 I like music and reaing books,especially economical books。 It is my honor to apply this job。 I hope I can realise my dream in our pany。Please give me a chance。Thank you very much

  It is my great pleasure to introduce myself。i was born in LIAONING。 My major is international trade。 I was graduated in Nankai University。 My hobby lies in the music and reading, especially like economics。

  I am glad that i can take part in this interview and i am sincerely hope that i can join this pany to realize my dream。 please give my a chance。 Thank you。


  I am ...。 I was born in Changsha。 I graduate from senior high school and major in English。 I started learning English since I was 12 years old。 My parents have a lot of American friends。 That’s why I have no problem municating with Americans or others by speaking English。

  In my spare time, I like to do anything relating to English such as listening to English songs, watching English movies or TV programs, or even attending the activities held by some English clubs or institutes。 I used to go abroad for a short- term English study。 During that time, I learned a lot of daily life English and saw a lot of different things。

  I think language is very interesting。 I could express one substance by using different sounds。 So I wish I could study and read more English literatures and enlarge my knowledge。


  Hello everyone, my name is Lee。 This is really a great honor to have this opportunity, and I believe I can make good performance today。 Now I will introduce myself briefly。 I am 20 years old,born in Guangdong province, south of China, and I am a senior student at Guangdong ××University。 My major is English。 And I will receive my bachelor degree after my graduation in June。

  In the past four years, I spent most of my time on study。 I passed CET4 and CET6 with a ease and acquired basic theoretical and practical knowledge of Language。 Besides, I have attended several Speech petition held in Beijing, which really showed our professional advantages。 I have taken a tour to some big factories and panies, through which I got a deep understanding of English for application。

  Compared to developed countries, unfortunately, although we have made extraordinary progress since 1998, our packaging industry is still underdeveloped, messy and unstable, and the situation of employees in the field is awkward。 But I have full confidence in its bright future if only our economy can be kept at the growth pace still。 I guess you may be interested in why I choose this job。 I would like to tell you that this job is one of my lifelong goals。

  If I can work here,I will work hard。 As to my character, I cannot describe it well, but I know I am optimistic and confident。 Sometimes I prefer to stay alone, reading and listening to the music, but I am not lonely, for I like to chat with my classmates about almost everything。 My favorite pastime is to play volleyball, to play cards or to surf online。 From life at university, I learn how to balance study and entertainment。 By the way, I was an actor in our amazing drama club。 I have a few glorious memories on stage。